Western District Historic Vehicle Club

For Sale

Body panels for a LLOYD ALEXANDER T/S. Guards, doors, body minus floor, even a roof. Also various 6 volt car horns. Karl Lorenz 5284 1451 ...1/18

1956 Peugeot 203 Panel Van (GMC-238). Fitted drop-down rear seat. Side windows. Lots of extras. Still reg’d. To be sold unreg’d/no RWC. $14,999.

Set of 5 x 15” tyres with 5 stud wheels $350 lot.

Set of 4 x 16” LT radial tyres $300 lot.

Bicycle collection including Penny Farthing, 4 seater quadracycle and others.

Genuine enquiries to Kevin Baker 0406 633 700 or 5248 3032 (after 6pm please). 1/18

1 tonne firewood. Cut to foot logs. $50.

Oregon tradesman’s bench in good order.
Best offer.

Shade house frame 20m X 6.5m, in sections. Steel frame, 50mm X 25mm tube. Bolts together. Best offer around $800. Lyle Stow Ph 5243 2494.



Swap car for??? Rover Quintet: small, economical car of the 1980s era in outstanding condition, ready for red plate road test. All for something I fancy, now standing in your way in your garage. Sid Arthey Ph 5281 7403 1/18